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Georgia Licensed Opticians Renewal and ABO/NCLE Renewal Information

All Georgia licensed opticians have the exact same license renewal period, which is 1 April of the designated odd year thru 31 March of the succeeding odd year. Assuming your license is current for the existing renewal cycle, you are required to obtain 10 hours of c.e. (continuing education) credits to renew your license which will expire on 31 March 2K17. FYI, your license must be renewed and posted on the GSBDO website on or before 31 March 2K17, or it will go into automatic default status. The state board fee for reinstatement is $165.00. Unfortunately a lot of people i.e., procrastinators, etc. are finding out the hard way these recently developed state renewal guidelines are to be taken seriously. You should seek to renew your license online at the GA Secretary of State of state website, and follow the appropriate license renewal procedure guidelines beginning in Jan. 2K17, and make sure you keep a receipt of the transaction. You will acknowledge with an online e-affidavit that you have the necessary continuing education hours (by the 31st of March).

Of the ten hours required at least 2 must be NCLE. Up to five hours of online courses will be accepted only if they are provided by the Opticians Association of Georgia, the Opticians Association of America, or the National Academy of Opticianry.

(2 yr.) license renewal cycle which begins on 1 April 2K17. Currently you can get up to 5 hours of ABO/NCLE accredited continuing education credits online. Just to be clear online is defined as sitting through a time phased online presentation receiving a certificate credit at the end. This does not include print media magazines such as 20/20, etc. GSBDO rule 420-9-. Is the legal governing authority here on the matter at hand. It may be worth your consideration to sit in on one of the 1 hr. ABO accredited GA Law classes that are offered at OAG meetings. License/certification renewal guidelines and the like are a part of the presentation provided.

ABO/NCLE certification renewal - as a separate matter - simply requires submitting a copy of your current GA license (registration card) to the ABO/NCLE when renewals are due along with the appropriate remittance. ABO/NCLE and the GSBDO are two separate agencies that are independent of each other. (See attachment). GA law does not require maintaining ABO/NCLE certification, however many national level 3rd party providers i.e., insurance companies etc. regard maintenance of ABO/NCLE certification as a benchmark of (national) professional distinction - and a provider requirement in some cases - in addition to state licensure where applicable.

Thomas Blair, Jr., LDO, ABOM
President, OAG

THIS ---->https://oagonline.org/oag-membership/-georgia-licensed-opticians-renewal-information.html