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Welcome to the Opticians Association Of Georgia

The Association's Mission: The Opticians Association Of Georgia is a professional association that represents opticians and contact lens technicians throughout the state.  The Association's primary mission is to maintain high standards of practice within the profession to protect the health and welfare of the public.  The Association seeks to accomplish its mission by protecting and expanding the ability of its members to compete in the prescription eyewear marketplace.

Strength In Unity: In today's complex legislative and regulatory climate, professional occupations have learned that their survival often depends on collective action and unity of purpose.  The Association speaks for Georgia opticians and contact lens technicians with a single voice.  The membership and participation of all opticians provide the Association with a voice that is strong enough to command respect in the halls of government.

Information Services: The Association serves as a clearinghouse of information on a broad range of subjects: legislative and regulatory issues, technical developments within the industry, upcoming meetings and conferences, publications of special interest to opticians and contact lens technicians, and the activities of local sections.

OAG/OAA Resolution: Title Protection Act for the Profession of Opticianry
Whereas, the title Optician is widely used by persons in the field of opticianry, without legitimate credentialing of any kind; and

Whereas use of the title Optician by non-credentialed personnel misleadingly creates an unwarranted presumption of competence to the unknowing and unsuspecting public; and

Whereas consumers have the right to expect competent service and delivery of competently crafted eyewear products that are functional to their needs; and

Whereas the inappropriate use of the title Optician discredits conscientious professional Opticians who validate their expertise at the state and national level by obtaining and maintaining credentialing that attests to a minimum basic competence, now therefore be it;

Resolved that use of the title Optician shall be reserved exclusively to and for persons who have - at a minimum - successfully passed either the American Board of Opticianry or National Contact Lenses Examination basic competency exam or substantially equivalent state examinations, and be it further;

Resolved such credentialing shall be maintained, attesting to an ongoing effort to maintain competence and professionalism, by wearing an appropriate and visible name tag in performing the duties of opticianry and/or contact lenses applications as appropriate.

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