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Georgia Licensed Opticians Renewal Information

Georgia Licensed Opticians Renewal and ABO/NCLE Renewal Information*
Summary of Revised Georgia Rules for License Renewal

Effective 1 April 2K17 new rules from the GSBDO (GA State Bd. of Dispensing Opticians) were implemented for Opticianry license renewal in Georgia:

1. All GA licensees must obtain 10 hours of continuing education during the 2 yr. license renewal cycle which is the 1st of April of the odd year to the 31st of March of the succeeding odd year. The current cycle began 1 April 2K17. For reference the specific rule at issue is GSBDO rule 420-9-.01/

2. Of the 10 hours required, 6 must be of a technical nature either ABO and/or NCLE. It is advisable to ensure at least 2 of the 6 technical hours taken be NCLE. This will preclude having to take 2 additional hours of NCLE classes if 2 of the technical classes are not NCLE as referenced.

3. All GA licensees must take 1 hour of GA Law among the 10 hours required.  The GA law course is inclusive of the up to 5 hours of CE hours that can be obtained online through the OAG website which is www.oagonline.org. Technical Courses are among course offerings available online. 

Out of state GA licensees are not exempt from taking the GA Law course for license renewal. All online courses can be taken through the OAG website.

4. OAG will have as many technical courses as is reasonably obtainable at each continuing education meeting. OAG currently offers 6 CE meetings over the course of the 2 yr. cycle with more than 60 + hours of continuing education provided. Meeting dates and locations are regularly published on the OAG website which is www.oagonline.org. The licensees responsibility is to obtain 6 hours of technical continuing education over the 2 yr. license renewal period.

5. OAG will identify all available technical courses in future meetings.

Submitted: 3 April 2k18
Thomas Blair, Jr., LDO, ABOM
President, OAG
678 592-5931 (cp) Tblair3@bellsouth.net